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East Coast COVID-19 trace leads to Port aux Basques

Port aux Basques Mayor John Spencer has confirmed multiple rumours that a local player for the Western Kings midget hockey team is now in isolation after a health advisory from Public Health.

“The notification came officially today. This is all part of the umbrella of contact tracing relating to the surge on the East Coast,” stated Spencer via e-mail. “The hockey team based out of Corner Brook (Western Kings) were on the East Coast for a tournament this past weekend.”

Until Thursday, Feb. 11, players with the Western Kings were not ordered to isolate as a precautionary measure. Multiple communities on the West Coast have players on that roster.

Despite speculation on social media, there remains no confirmation of any positive case in the town of Port aux Basques.

Responding to inquiries, NLESD has issued the following statement.

“The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District takes its advice from Public Health on all matters related to the ongoing pandemic. While we cannot speak to individual circumstances due to privacy, any families advised yesterday by public health to isolate as a precaution would have done so. The District has not been advised of any positive cases in the school or region. St. James Regional High School was not closed yesterday, and remains open today in Scenario 1 (with enhanced safety protocols) and we continue to liaise with our partners in public health.”

Mayor Spencer also urged people to remain calm and diligent and not panic as events continue to unfold across the island.

“Time to stand tall. The circle has expanded closing all schools on the Avalon. Pray for calm. Newfoundland had dodged a bullet. However, reality has stepped in. COVID can and will hang its ugly hat anyway we allow. It is super contagious. Public Health is our best teacher to knock this virus down. Isolate. Physical distance. Hygiene. Masks. Limit contacts. But most importantly stay calm,” wrote Spencer. “Patience and kindness towards others. No one asks for COVID. Pray that today will bring better news. We know our enemy. A collective effort on our part will guarantee better results. Staying alert. Staying safe. Avoiding situations putting health at risk.”

Port aux Basques Minor Hockey has directed any further inquiries to Hockey NL. Updates will follow as soon as more information is available.

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