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Fishing stage weather rising waters

Last week’s storm caused basements and roads to flood, and at one point Michael Byron’s fixed dock was about two feet underwater. – Courtesy of © Michael Byron


PORT AUX BASQUES – Michael Byron has had his share of surprises lately. Not only did he find that the heavy rains from the atmospheric river storm had almost caused the waters to rise to the floor of his fishing stage on Wharf Road, but he also discovered his fishing stage on the cover of the Wreckhouse Weekly.

“It was nice to see it on the front page. Turning back the clock there, when the water was that night, because it’s only a two-story stage, there was a couple of things we moved upstairs. And other than that, there’s tables, and chairs, and the wood stove, and of course, firewood and that inside. We had some lumber outside on the ground. I picked that up and put it on one of the trailers that I had for moving a small tractor,” shared Byron.

Byron has two docks for his stage, but it was the fixed one that took the brunt of the storm when it was nearly engulfed.

“We have two docks – a fixed one and a floating one. The floating one is already out for the season, but the fixed dock, at the worst of it, it was about two feet underwater. And the water was about four inches away from going over the floor in the stage. So I’m glad the water didn’t come up anymore,” said Byron.

Bryon has lived in town for the past 15 years and has never seen anything like this storm, though there was one that came close.

“Three or four years ago, but I don’t remember it being because of a rainstorm, we had an excessively high spring tide or whatever. But it didn’t get up quite as high as it was the other day.”

Bryon makes great use of the stage for cooking and relaxation. With so many good times and fond memories attached to the building, he was glad it escaped any further damage.

“We cook meals down there; have get togethers down there; go down and just relax. Sit on the deck if it’s nice out the back and watch the sunset, watch the sunrise, whatever the case may be. We have sleeping accommodation upstairs, so sometimes if my son or daughter or whatever is here,” said Byron. “They live in Ontario, but them or anyone really, if they want to have a cool place to stay. There’s been a few people that we’ve had as a guest stay upstairs.”

Byron has experience with the infrastructure industry, particularly when it comes to road building, and has worked for a company in Switzerland that manufactured road building equipment. Naturally, he has been keeping a close eye on the developments with opening the highway.

“With these washouts and everything, I can totally relate to that,” said Byron. “Not only here, but out in British Columbia is an absolute disaster. That’s going to be unbelievable – the amount of repairs that are required.”

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