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From the editor’s desk

Rene. J. Roy is the editor-in-chief for Wreckhouse Weekly.

The world has certainly changed, and our small corner of it hasn’t been untouched by the pandemic that affected so many parts of our lives.

It has only been a month or two since The Gulf News and some of its sister papers decided to shut their doors indefinitely, yet it feels like it was a decision that had been coming for quite some time. It was probably around the middle of summer that we at Wreckhouse Press decided to team up and start a new paper.

You may notice some things are very different than what you are used to.

Gone are the big federal and worldwide stories that you can get everywhere online or on TV. We feel that people who are local need news that is local. That is what matters to us, and we think it’s what matters to you.

Instead we want to offer you information that has an impact on your daily life and our communities, events that are local, and news that is relevant and specific to all of us.

We also want to bring back some things that were popular in the past but have been absent for quite some time.

We are talking coverage of local sports, puzzles – heck we might even do a community calendar. We are new to you, and our goal is not only to inform you but to entertain you.

Gone are the days of news being printed outside and shipped here. This paper is 100 percent locally owned and operated. We want to create jobs locally and create buzz locally.

We run the Wreckhouse Weekly out of our home.

We are new at running a newspaper, but we are not new to the business. All of us here at Wreckhouse Weekly have a history with the newspaper business and plan to draw on that experience to bring you back to an important resource in any small community – a truly local newspaper.

I want to thank you for supporting our endeavour, and I welcome any suggestions you may have on content you want to see in the Weekly. While we can’t promise to put in every idea we are asked to, we will try to accommodate and interact with all of the communities we serve, from South Branch to Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou and La Poile.

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