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From the editor’s desk…

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There are certain things we all know. We are all of us, aware of unwritten rules, such as a Captain going down with the ship.

But there are also unwritten rules governing how we all make purchases or contribute to someone’s work. One example is waiting to purchase something before taking it home from the store.

When it comes to the newspaper industry, we have our own set of guidelines we all try to follow as well. For us here at Wreckhouse Weekly, we adhere to these rules as a matter of policy.

This can sometimes become quite a challenge just due to the nature of our business. We have to remain impartial and unbiased no matter the topic we are covering or the people involved. We have to offer everyone an equal opportunity to speak and, at the same time, temper that opportunity with discretion.

It is not the policy of Wreckhouse Weekly – nor most news publications for that matter – to allow an article to be previewed by a member of the public ahead of publication. This would be irreparably damaging to the integrity of the article and remove the impartiality that we strive to maintain.

We understand that sometimes you just want to know what lines we have selected from your interview to be in the paper, or perhaps you just might want to look at the photograph we took. But the reality is that if we allow even one person to oversee a step in the publishing of an article then our integrity has been compromised.

Moving forward, we will continue to provide the entire Southwest Coast with honest, unbiased and completely impartial news.

And it is my job, as editor-in-chief, to make sure that you allow us to.

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