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Peggy Savery (For the Love of Paws) and Joan Chaisson (AIM). – © Tony Chaisson

PORT AUX BASQUES – The Port aux Basques Goldrush was a growing success until it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March. Now, with a few new adaptations and changes, it is ready to start once again.

After written requests, the executive from the Port aux Basques Lion’s Club, which runs the lottery, chose two organizations to partner with after first conducting interviews.

One factor was how many hours and dedicated people from the partners could be counted on to reliably volunteer each week for a full year. Also, each organization had to have a contact person who could pitch in on quick notice. This year the Lion’s Club Executive chose AIM (Autism Involves Me) and For the Love of Paws, a local cat rescue group.

Monies from the draw will help the Lion’s Club fix a wall in the building and help people within the community. AIM plans to use its share to purchase materials and resources to enable children and adults with challenges to be able to live more complete livelihoods. For the Love of Paws Group will use funds to pay ongoing vet bills among other operational costs.

Players will have to choose a new number to participate. To reduce the amount of possible germs being spread, each yellow card will have an attachment holding stickers for 52 weeks. Players will have to mark their number on the sticker at home and then drop it in one of the provided boxes at a sponsor store. Once a player signs a card, that number is his/her number for the full year.

The new yellow cards will become available for purchase at participating businesses on Tuesday, Sept. 1, and the first draw will be held live on Monday, Sept. 7 at 7:30 pm via the Goldrush 2020-2021 Facebook page.

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