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Granite Coast gets new power poles

New power poles are being installed along Route 470. – J. Rene Roy

ROUTE 470 – Drivers along the Granite Coast from Port aux Basques to Rose Blanche may have spotted some power crews working in the area. That’s because Newfoundland Power is busy building a new line, installing new poles and wires along Route 470.

Nick Evans told the Wreckhouse Weekly that once the new line is completed, the old one will be torn down by an independent contractor. Work on the line upgrades began a couple of months ago near Isle aux Morts.

A primary reason for putting in the new poles will be to facilitate access for future repairs. The older poles are set considerably further from the road, making them more difficult to reach.

As of last Monday, Oct. 19 just under half of 40 new poles had been put in place. Drivers are asked to slow down as work continues.

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