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Grinch escapes RCMP custody

There were 2 Grinches at the Christmas Adventure in Stephenville on Wednesday evening, December 22, but it was the one on the right who seemed to wreak all the havoc.. – © Rosalyn Roy


Senior Staff Reporter

STEPHENVILLE – The beautifully decorated businesses, storefronts and visitors strolling up and down Main Street proved an enchanting backdrop for the town’s Christmas Adventure on Wednesday, December 22nd. Live music prompted dances on the snow-covered streets, and free hot chocolate and candy canes were handed out liberally by Santa Claus and the Lions Club volunteers. The festivities, atmosphere and decorations would not have felt amiss if they had appeared instead in a Hallmark Christmas movie, but at least one visitor had another film set in mind when he rolled into town – The Grinch.

The fuzzy green fur poking out of the red velvet Santa suit was unmistakeable as Mr. Grinch wandered up and down Main Street, leaving chaos in his wake. He was observed engaged in fisticuffs with an inflatable nutcracker, an inflatable snowman, and stealing hot chocolate, hats, scarves and mittens from children while inexplicably modeling for photo shoots with others.

At other times he would snatch cellphones from responsible citizens filming his antics and take selfies, then hand the phone to a different person entirely. On one occasion he attempted to steal someone’s dog. The dog bore more than a passing resemblance to his own dog, Max, who was also in attendance.

Luckily someone had the foresight to call the authorities and the Stephenville detachment of the RCMP soon put a stop to the shenanigans. In front of a large crowd they seized the ne’er-do-well and slapped him in handcuffs. Mr. Grinch responded by hanging his head in dismay before sticking his tongue out like a petulant child. He was escorted to the waiting RCMP vehicle and attempted to avoid his fate by putting a foot against it. The officers secured him instead but not before Mr. Grinch beat his own head repeatedly against the top of the vehicle.

Despite Mr. Grinch’s unpleasant antics of that night, many in the crowd were dismayed to see him arrested and caged. Some inquired almost immediately about posting his bail. The RCMP left the door open so that citizens could take public shame photos of Mr. Grinch, who posed without any sign of remorse.

During a lull in the impromptu paparazzi circus, Mr. Grinch secured his own escape from the back of the squad car and sprinted back along Main Street in the direction of the Stephenville Mall. He was later spotted resuming his mischevious activities, but fled the area entirely before the RCMP could arrest him again.

Mr. Grinch remains on the loose and authorities believe he is likely still attempting to steal Christmas.

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