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Happy New Year and thank you!

René J. Roy is the editor-in-chief of the Appalachian.

It’s been a rough year and so far at least, 2022 isn’t looking like it’s off to a better start. This recent lockdown was met with as much dismay, if not more, than the last one. We’re all so tired.

We’ve had some bright spots this past year. Launching the Appalachian hasn’t been without its challenges, but there has also been plenty of fun and adventure to go along with it. We’ve met some great new friends, created a few new jobs, and shared your news, stories and culture. There has been a learning curve that has been difficult at times, and no doubt we will continue to learn as we grow your community newspaper.

One of those curves is flat out logistics. We had ordered extra supplies (inks, papers, press parts) to get us through because of the Christmas madness and shipping delays. We didn’t order fast enough or nearly enough though, resulting in a shut down of print editions for our home delivery and store customers. Instead we switched to a free online presence for those few editions and we hope you have enjoyed it.

Our staff and contributors have picked a few of their top favourite stories so far, and even though the Appalachian didn’t start publishing until August there was still a bit of debate about which ones would make the cut. These will appear in our January 5, 2022 edition. We’re curious to know what stories you enjoyed the most so far, and if you have any suggestions for future stories by all means send them along.

The year ahead may not be off to a great start thanks to this seemingly endless pandemic, but the Appalachian cannot say the same. We very much look forward to 2022. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be able to enjoy a Come Home Year and reconnect with loved ones who have been kept away from us far too long by COVID-19.

Please stay safe so that we can meet you during the celebrations, and perhaps even take a photo or two to share in our newspaper. Whatever future challenges the pandemic brings, we have no doubt that the good people of the Western region overcome it.

In the meantime, now that the press is fixed and the supplies have arrived at long last, we will be resuming our print delivery starting next week. We are hoping to create more jobs in the New Year, share more of your stories and triumphs.

Until then, from the staff, family and friends of Wreckhouse Press and the Appalachian newspaper, we wish you a joyous and safe Merry Christmas and a bright, healthy, Happy New Year.

See you next year!

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