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Head-on collision on Route 470

A two-vehicle collision took place near the Isle aux Morts River bridge on Wednesday, Jan. 5. Luckily there were no serious injuries. – © Ryan King / Wreckhouse Press Inc.

By Ryan King

Community News Reporter

ISLE AUX MORTS – Emergency services were called to the scene of an accident on Wednesday evening, Jan. 5, shortly after 7:00 p.m. Two vehicles collided head-on along the Route 470 highway near the Isle aux Morts River bridge.

“Both drivers were transported to hospital, one with minor injuries and the other with serious injuries. The cause of the collision remains under investigation,” stated Jolene Garland, Media Relations Officer with the RCMP.

Jerry Musseau, Chief of the Channel-Port aux Basques Volunteer Fire Department, said that the department received a call to roll out at around 7:15 p.m.

“We responded with the jaws of life. They asked for the jaws of life, and eight firefighters went down – four in the rescue unit and four in the pickup truck. And when we got on scene the RCMP were already there, the ambulance was already there, and the Isle aux Morts Fire Department was already there,” said Musseau.

The fire chief also stated that the emergency caller said that there was a car over an embankment and that someone was trapped inside.

“But when we got on scene the person that was trapped was in the vehicle that was still on the road. Because there were two vehicles involved, and the one that was over the embankment, the driver of that vehicle was already out,” explained Musseau.

The two vehicles involved were a white vehicle, driven by a female, and a taxi driven by a male.

“The vehicle that was on the road was a taxi from Deer Lake. It was a van actually. It was heading towards Port aux Basques, and the other car that was over the embankment appeared to be heading towards the Isle aux Morts way,” said Musseau.

Once on scene, the Port aux Basques Fire Department assisted with getting the taxi driver out of the vehicle.

“All we had to do was pop the door off the van and that, so the ambulance people could get the driver of that van out of that vehicle, and he was transported to hospital in Port aux Basques. The female driver of the other vehicle was over the embankment, and she was already out of the vehicle, but they also transported her to the hospital in Port aux Basques,” said Musseau.

The fire chief observed the female driver was mobile following the accident.

“The driver of the white vehicle that was over the embankment, she was out of the vehicle walking around. She was probably in a bit of shock and that, but the one that we had to get out was the driver of the van because he was trapped,” said Musseau. “It didn’t appear to be life-threatening injuries.”

The RCMP stated that both drivers were assessed following the collision and impairment is not considered a factor.

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