Holiday Greetings: Isle aux Morts

As we celebrate this holiday season, we hope you will all continue to spend time with family and friends, even if it has to be done differently than in years past. Let us use this time to reflect and count our blessings. The greatest gift we could exchange this season is to help one another.

Our very best wishes go to those who are sick at home or in hospital this Christmas and we wish you a speedy recovery.

To all who are spending Christmas away from town this year, but who may be reading this message on the Internet, we would like to extend Christmas greetings from Isle Aux Morts.

From my family and the families of Town Council and your dedicated town staff, we wish your family all the love and blessings of the season.

We look forward with anticipation to getting back to some sort of normal and much better year in 2021.

Mayor Nelson Lillington

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