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Holy Trinity annual dinner

From left: Minnie Hilliard, Rhea Samms, Mona Collier and Howard Farrell were among the volunteers who helped prepare and distribute the Christmas dinners on behalf of the Holy Trinity Church on Friday afternoon, Dec. 18 at the Fire Hall in Codroy. – © Rosalyn Roy

CODROY – Volunteers of the Holy Trinity Church were busy handing out free Christmas turkey dinners with all the trimmings on a blustery, frosty Friday afternoon, Dec. 18.

Howard Farrell estimates that the church would give away around 310 dinners to members of its congregation and their loved ones this year. That is almost double the 160 dinners it gave away in its first year.

“Our church wanted to reach out to the community over the last three years. This has become an annual event now, to do up a Christmas dinner,” said Farrell.

“Basically we felt the Christmas spirit and the spirit of our Lord and Saviour. We felt the need to get out into the community and this is the way we’ve been doing it.”

The dinners are paid for by the church’s outreach budget, but Farrell says that many of the people who are enjoying the dinners are choosing to reciprocate.

“People in their generosity have made donations of food and vegetables and monetary donations.”

“Hopefully we haven’t missed anyone, but if we have, we certainly apologize.”

The Holy Trinity Church congregation would like to thank everyone who came out to help, all of their guests who collected a dinner, and the Codroy Valley Fire Department, who allowed them to use the hall to prepare and distribute the meals.

“We’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and God bless.”

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