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Horoscopes by Jackiee Sweet

For the week of November 2, 2020


You may find that you can be the recipient of valuable information if you’re willing to be a good listener. Look into events that you might find interesting, and compromise by doing a few things that you both like to do. Your emotions will be touched off concerning recent encounters with your lover.


You might find it difficult to control your emotions. Don’t overreact to someone’s advances. You’ll be angry if those you live with aren’t pulling their weight.


Get involved in the activities of children. They will teach you far more than you expect. Communications with loved ones may be strained. Things at home may be somewhat rocky.


You will have good ideas for home improvement projects. Put some energy into getting back into shape. Listen to reason. Use your ingenuity to manipulate things to get what you want. Someone you live with will be impossible.


New relationships could evolve through group activities. Your mind is on moneymaking ventures. You won’t be well received by superiors or by your spouse.


Arguing won’t help. You may come down with minor infections if you have allowed yourself to get rundown. Listening can be more valuable than being a chatterbox.


You might want to spend some time by yourself in order to decide exactly how you feel. Intellectual stimulation is what you are looking for. Travel opportunities should be your first choice.


Try to put your money away for a rainy day. Your temper could get the better of you if you confront personal situations. Don’t count on others to cover up for your shortcomings.


You need to start planning that vacation. Observations will be far more productive. Any financial limitations will probably have to be dealt with on your own.


You will be highly sensitive to comments made by your lover. Plan a day of enjoyment with them. If you can put some work into home improvements, you should.


Remain calm and you’ll shine. Passion should be your goal. Any contributions you make to organizations will enhance your reputation and bring you offers. Try to channel your energy into physical work.


You can work in conjunction with those in the know in order to get to the bottom of things. Remember – talk to them, not at them. You should consider submitting some of your written work.

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