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Horoscopes by Jackiee Sweet

For the week of October 12, 2020


Partnerships and close relationships are still your main focus. Keep an eye on bills. By Friday, power tension is unavoidable. Surprising news about your health, or a pet, or something related to your job is on the way


You’re wanting to get better organized and work efficiently. However, very likely, you will be quiet about it even though you feel quietly anxious within you. Try to let this go. You don’t need this added stress.


Expect a few surprises but not good ones. This could be a power struggle with a friend or a group. Don’t make a big deal about this! Get work done instead of play.


Happy at home with family. You might interact with a parent more than usual. Be vigilant with kids midweek to avoid an accident. Keep your eyes peeled. Things could get nasty so don’t push your luck. A trip is on the way.


Busy time! You have a full agenda and you’re wanting help. Reach out to friends and support systems. Focus on mental stimulation. You can do it.


Money is on your mind right now. This is great week to buy clothes. Be careful because something unusual and unexpected might occur. Accidents happen.


You attract people and favourable situations to you. Something unusual might affect your earnings or your possessions. Focus on patience.


Your birthday will soon arrive. You might encounter someone you least expect to see, especially from your past. Focus on health.


This is a good week to think about your goals and how you can make some of your dreams come true. Things aren’t turning out the way you thought. You might have to regroup. Avoid some kind of ego battle with your kids or with a romantic partner.


Ask for what you want. Timing is everything. A friend or a member of a group might do something that surprises you. (This could be interesting.) However, be careful because power struggles at home or with a family member are likely.


Something unexpected related to parents, bosses or authority figures will catch you off guard. Be careful driving. This energy can engage others in a negative way. Focus on practice and life skills.


This continues to be a pretty intense week for you. However, at the same time, unexpected travel plans or a surprise related to politics, religion or racial issues might catch you off guard. Focus on fun.

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