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Horoscopes by Jackiee Sweet

For the week of November 23, 2020


Things are looking up, you will feel your confidence at an all time high. Now is a good time for investments. Gifts and money may be coming your way. Focus on home life and long term.


You are tired this week- mentally and physically. You’ll be picking everything apart this week in terms of relationships. You should express your affection for others. Your interactions with an enemy may improve.


You’re on the right track with working hard and getting better organized, which is a good thing. You should focus on your health and help others, even though you might not get full credit for what you do. Romance is brewing.


This playful, fun-loving time continues for you, which is why you want to be free to express yourself and do your own thing. Now is a good opportunity to be teaching lessons. Its also a good opportunity to explore creative activities. Harsh obstacles will decrease.


Your focus on home and family continues to be strong. You should tackle home repairs and find ideas and ways to make your home look cozier. Your interest in a higher education or taking a course will be stronger now. Read a book this week.


Your busy, fast pace continues whether you like it or not. Family should be a main focus. You will start to appreciate your surroundings this week. Strained relations are in the mix. Watch out.


You are very private about finances.Your focus on money continues this week but there will be a small bump in the road. You may have more ideas more than usual. However, this same influence will make you want to spend money on clothes, jewellry or anything that can beautify you. Try to lighten your mind and entertain yourself this week.


Not only will you attract people and situations favourable to you, you will also attract positive relationships because you will be so charming – everyone will want to be in your company. This is a good thing because you also have a greater desire to relate to others in a friendly way, yet push them away. You may be in the middle of a bad situation. Interact with others to have good times. Wardrobe changes are due.


Part of you wants to keep a low profile and work alone and this will definitely energize you! It will increase your interest in physical activities as well as mental. You are keen to get out and do what you can to explore the world. Take a walk.


Your time of increased popularity and interaction with others continues. But don’t let it go to your head. People are reaching out to you, and you are not wanting to talk to them and that’s not working in your favour. Issues at home and within your family have been confusing and demanding. Now you will find that your home moves forward with more focus and clarity.


You look fabulous in the eyes of others, especially bosses, parents and higher-ups. Enjoy this advantage and make the most of it! You attract people who will help you with your work. You need to encourage others to see your creative ideas and talents. Design something this week.


You still have a strong urge to get out. Expand your world. If you cannot travel you might use this energy to explore education. This is a beneficial area for you right now. In fact, it will be interesting to study and learn something. This could trigger a romance with someone.

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