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Stephen J. Osmond Local Sports Columnist

With at least six to eight players battling injuries, the Mariners find themselves in an uphill battle the last couple of weeks.

Defenceman Brent White, Andrew Flemming and Tristan Butt lead the list of those affected with a smattering of others battling nagging issues.

President Jamie Young knows with that many injuries and player work schedules it’s going to be hard to be competitive and the 13-3 drubbing they recieved last night is evidence of it.

Not to worry though as brighter days look to be ahead of the team going into the home stretch of the season as injuries begin to heal.

With two games on the road this coming weekend, the team looks to end the season on a positive note before entertaining the Royals in round one of the playoffs.

A good season so far by goaltender Ryley Nadon, forwards Dylan Savory, Chad Leriche and Clay King along with improved play from incumbents Robert Mercer and Drew Nadon, the team looks to be very competitive this season and what they hope are seasons to come as senior hockey returns to the West coast.

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