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Kippens council notes

Kippens town office. – © File photo

By Jaymie L. White

Special to the Appalachian

KIPPENS – The most recent council meeting for Kippens took place virtually on Thursday evening, Jan. 13. Matters discussed included residential tax installment options and discounts, snow clearing complaints and committee reports.

Tax Installment Options

The Town has set up an option for residents to pay their taxes via monthly credit card installments, and those who take advantage will enjoy a small discount.

“There will be 10 payments on the 15th of every month beginning in March and there will also be a discount of three percent if paid by Jan. 31, and a discount of two percent if paid by Feb. 28. This is on current property tax, not past tax that’s owed to the Town. If you do not opt in for a payment plan, it’ll still continue to be one percent interest each month after Mar. 31. “

Councillor Jeffrey Young said payments can be made at the Town Hall or through online banking. Seniors will also be able to take advantage of a discount plan.

“There is a three percent discount for seniors who own and reside at a property in Kippens,” said Young. “They just have to present proof of their age of 60 years and over at the Town Hall.”

Infrastructure and Maintenance

Coun. Harold Doucette presented the Infrastructure and Maintenance report.

“The transmission landed for the loader last Monday. Mechanics have been working on it ever since. They figure it should be done by the end of the week or early next week. After that the loader will be in full operation.”

He then raised the matter of a disturbing phone call that was received by Town Clerk, Josie Noseworthy. Doucette said the phone call was from a resident in Kippens regarding snow clearing.

“They’re clearing the roads. They’re doing the best they can. They’ve got the salt truck out there with a blade on it. As far as I’m concerned they’re doing pretty good. From what I can understand, the message was referring to the main drag in Kippens. The Town doesn’t handle the main drag, they handle the side roads.”

Mayor Mike Comerford is pleased with the condition of the roads.

“Looking at the state of the roads in other towns and other cities here on the west coast, my hat goes off to the operators here in Kippens. Our roads are good or better than any of the roads I’ve been driving here this winter.”

Coun. Michelle MacIsaac said, when council got elected, they rushed to get brought in to council a week early in order to handle the loader issues.

“We went to great lengths. We had a lot of meetings and a lot of discussions to try and make sure the having the roads plowed and the loader fixed were top priority. I would ask the residents to please try to have some patience with us,” said MacIsaac. “The loader operators are doing a great job with what they’ve got.”

Wellness, Culture and Recreation

Coun. Carla Pearce discussed the tree lighting ceremony that took place on Dec. 17.

“We had a really good turnout for our first event, I think it was enjoyed by all. We hope to have many more of those types of things throughout the year.”

The committee is currently applying for some money towards cultural activities and hopes to add more activities and events this year.

Human Resources and Finances

Council has hired a recruiting firm to help fill the permanent position of Town Manager, and while the search continues, formed a committee to hire an Interim Town Manager.

“We have also utilized the services of an employment lawyer for some discussion around some workplace issues,” shared Coun. Duffenais.

Coun. MacIsaac said that the finance committee is currently working to prepare the budget.

“We’re going to be having meetings to discuss finances. I’m sure, as everyone is aware, we are a brand-new council, so there’s a lot of information we have to gather before we can make any financial decisions or choices or submissions for the budget, but we are working on it.”

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