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I am proud to say I live on The Rock . I have only lived here a short time, but Newfoundland has truly stolen my heart.

The beauty of the island is not just in the scenic drives and amazing landscape that covers this island; the true beauty really lies amongst the proud, selfless, kind people who live here. Over the past couple of weeks I have listened to many Newfoundlanders tell stories of family, friends and their lives here on The Rock.

I also have listened and watched many whose lives have been turned upside down and have suffered great loss. Family homes from generations past, heirlooms, vehicles , favourite blankies, livelihoods and most importantly, one beautiful, precious life, swept out to sea by the wave.

That fierce , unforgiving raging wave that came in was like nothing they had ever seen before. Although the wave changed their lives forever.

There is one thing that Fiona couldn’t take from the people of Newfoundland – their hearts – the biggest hearts of all kind! The hearts who are concerned about the ones around them instead of themselves. The strength in those hearts for each other is unbelievable from all across The Rock. They have come together to take care of their own, and not because they feel they have to, but because it’s a part of them.

They were all hit by that wave.

Take care of others first is always the thought of Newfoundlanders. They have been working hard to restore, clean up and salvage what they can from the destruction of Fiona. They are exhausted physically and mentally, but they will always offer a kind word, a shoulder to lean on, a joke or a warm smile while having those tears in their eyes. You can see their pain, but they push forward to help one another.

The people of Newfoundland are so strong and unstoppable. I truly believe there is nothing that could break their spirit. They put things into the perspective of what’s really important in this life that some take for granted. They are all heroes in my eyes and I have nothing but respect and love for them.

Thank you, Newfoundland, for restoring my faith in human kind. I am proud to live on The Rock!

D. Tostik,

Lewisporte, NL

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