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Letter to the editor: Failed leadership

Dear Editor,

‘A mandate to lead based on failed opportunity to lead by others’.

The provincial election results, seeing the Liberals hang on to power by a slim majority, was the result of failed leadership. It was about the failed leadership of the Conservatives and the NDP.

Both party leaders lost their respective seats. Both party leaders failed to follow the wisdom offered by the late NL Premier Joey Smallwood.

”The first lesson for anyone seeking office is to work hard to be elected. The first task upon getting elected is to work harder at being re-elected.”

On the latter both the Conservative and NDP leaders failed miserably.

Kudos to our own MHA (Andrew Parsons). Constituent and provincial leadership of the highest degree, thus the vote of confidence. The interest of the district always in the forefront on the floor of the House of Assembly.

However, one would be remiss if recognition and congratulations was not offered to Perry Trimper in Labrador who, against what appeared to be difficult odds, rallied to shake off the dust to once again serve the interests of his district as an independent candidate, now re-elected MHA.

Forgiveness is an all inspiring virtue.

Lastly, John Abbott. His candidacy is to be commended. The conviction by this individual to lead NL during the Liberal leadership race that resulted in the coronation of Andrew Furey has been rewarded. John Abbott campaigned in a NDP stronghold, the seat held by its provincial leader. His victory overcoming what must have appeared to be insurmountable odds is an inspiration to anyone seeking office.

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”(Yogism 101)

Anxiously now awaiting the tremendous one/two punch that NL has at the helm.

The Province is in good hands. NL strong!

John Spencer,

Port aux Basques

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