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Letters: Stephenville Remembrance Day

Dear Editor

On Remembrance Day here in Stephenville, due to poor weather conditions, a service was held at The Armory. I would very much like to thank everyone involved.

An Indigenous group of drummers was invited to perform. The Spirit Bay Drummers: Perry, Troy, Wayne and Larry, played and sang the song ‘Soldier Boy’. They did a beautiful job. I also attended, carrying The First Nations Flag to show respect not only for our Indigenous men and women, but for all the veterans who served our country. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Allowing the Indigenous people to perform to me is history in the making. After all as history has been told, the Indigenous people weren’t even allowed to celebrate Remembrance Day, or to lay a wreath to show their respect for our soldiers, who fought for our freedom.

As I held The First Nation Flag during the ceremony, I felt good knowing that I was there to show my respect to all the veterans who served our country, being recognized for their valour, seeing that “reconciliation” with the First Nations People and Canada becoming a reality.

I am an Indigenous person. I never joined the Amy or the Navy, but my son did. He served his country for twenty-seven years. He retired and for the last eight years, he works supporting the Navy and I am real proud of him. I have always shown a lot of respect for all the men and women of all cultures who served our country and today seeing that our veterans not being divided because of their culture does my heart good.

Today we are all going through some hard times on our lives with COVID-19 and trying to cope with the many changes that have come about. Regardless of what is happening, we must never forget our veterans. The wonderful men and women of all cultures who fought for our freedom, our true heroes, their valour should never be forgotten.

May God bless everyone. Stay safe.

Frank Russell Port au Port East

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