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Letters to the editor: Mayor Clayton Durnford

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In these trying times, the Town of Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou, is still moving forward with their daily activities. The town office has remained accessible during COVID19 and is now open to the public with our own guidelines in place. Ongoing repairs to our water system and roads are continuing and we try to maintain a positive attitude as we move forward in 2020.

We have many venues that are not open this season unfortunately, such as the Lodge, Kinsmen Centre, our church and the Rose Blanche Lighthouse site. However, please feel free to still visit our community and walk our beautiful scenic trails while still maintaining social distancing measures. We have much to explore.

The local store, D.J.’s Convenience, is still open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Our local playground is open, with cleaning and sanitizing occurring daily.

We welcome our seasonal residents that have been granted exemptions to come here. However, please keep in mind the rules and regulations that our province has put in place to keep the curve flattened.

Finally, to all the residents of Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou and Diamond Cove, we thank you for respecting all the rules and regulations that have been put forth by the province and local businesses. By following the guidelines you all have helped keep the curve flattened in our little community.

Stay safe,

Mayor Clayton Durnford

Town Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou

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