Letters to the editor: Mayor John Spencer

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The birth of a new media outlet within our community during this pandemic is great to witness. To publish a new local newspaper in the midst of so much uncertainty socially, politically and economically speaks volumes for its creators. Communities need local news coverage and Wreckhouse Weekly will fill this void.

As a community, our role will be to support such an initiative. The foundation of any community across this great nation is small business. And now another small business in Port aux Basques has opened its doors.

Port aux Basques supported its first newspaper 53 years ago. It will do so today.

Symbolically, Wreckhouse Weekly is published across the street on Lillington Avenue in the shadows of the home of the late Mrs. Evelyn Currie, the co-founder and co-editor of our first newspaper, The Echo. It is wonderful to see a commitment to local news events back on our streets.

A sincere welcome and congratulations to Wreckhouse Press on your first edition.

John Spencer

Mayor, Town of Channel-Port aux Basques

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