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Letters to the Editor: Stephenville Airport Action Committee

My name is Dave Kane, a member of The Stephenville Airport Action Committee. I was just delighted to hear that The Stephenville Airport was going to be sold. I went down to the airport on Thursday morning Sept. 9, 2021 to attend the news announcement for the sale of the airport to Dymond Group Companies.

When I got to the airport I met two more people who were on the Airport Committee also. I was told by a board member that you had to be invited to attend the news announcement. This board member said to me that I was on Airport Committee for many years. I asked him could he get three of us in to the news announcement. He just walked away, talking to another man he knew who was invited to the announcement. I was told that it was the airport manager and the board who did the inviting.

The chair of the Local Service District for Bay St. George, which included Barachois Brook who was also on our Airport Committee, was not invited to this news announcement. Another member or chair of the Local Service District out in Jeffrey’s was talking to us and he told us that he was invited.

Over the years our Airport Citizens Committee helped to keep this airport open by having rallies, petitions and fundraisers. A few years ago, members of our committee went from Stephenville to Cape St. George to Port aux Basques and raised over $100,000 to keep this airport open. There were mayors from town councils who did not gave any donation from their town council to help to keep this airport open and they were invited to this news announcement on Sept. 9, 2021.

When Brenda Martin was airport manager a while back, our Airport Action Committee was invited to the airport to a social and we were given handbags with Stephenville Airport wrote on them to advertise our airport if we went to the mainland or the States.

In closing, this is a wonderful good news story not just for Stephenville, but for the whole province. This letter has nothing against Mr. Carl Dymond and Group of Companies. No one from the board or the Town of Stephenville, I guess, told Mr. Dymond about our Airport Action Committee. I would like Mr. Dymond the best in buying the airport.

Dave Kane Stephenville Crossing, NL

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