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Stephen J. Osmond Local Sports Columnist

The Deer Lake Red Wings defeated the Mariners 5-1 Saturday night but the score wasn’t necessarily indicative of the game.

Ryley Nadon continued his stellar play this season turning away chance after chance as the Red Wings had control for the first ten minutes of the game.

The Mariners turned it around in the second half of the period but the game remained tired at zero going into the second.

Special teams became a factor in the second and although the Mariner penalty killers did a fine job throughout the game, a cross seam pass through the penalty kill box made the game 1-0.

The fans were treated to an awesome first ten minutes of the third period. The Mariners played very physical and took control of the game in spurts but the veteran Red Wing defense were true to form keeping them to the outside as much as possible.

However, persistence and hard work paid off for the team as Chad Mitchell popped in a goal off the rush to bring the Mariners within one.

The Mariners lost to the Deer Lake Red Wings on Saturday noght. © Stephen J. Osmond

A bevy of chances by both sides made for an exciting, hard hitting affair and a goal post by Captain Dylan Savory almost turned the game in the Mariners favor.

Sadly, penalties became their undoing and, after a fight between Chad Mitchell and Greg Edgar, the tides turned and the team could not recover.

The Mariners lost Brent White and Andrew Fleming from the blue line with injuries leaving the team short and fatigue may have also played a factor.

The fans were definitely entertained as it was a good up and down contest and the rink became very loud at times making it a great hockey atmosphere.

The Mariners are on the road this Friday in Deer Lake and return home to play March 4th for the final home game of the season.

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