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Navigating the Holiday Rush: Canada Post’s Peak Season

By Dean LaBerge Local Journalism Initiative Reporter via The Grizzly Gazette, 11/8/23

As the air turns brisk and festive decorations start to appear in retailers and public spaces across Canada, it’s a sure sign that the holiday season is approaching. For Canada Post, this time of year signifies the onset of their peak season. From October 30, 2023, until January 14, 2024, Canada Post gears up for the flurry of holiday cards and packages that need to be sent, and it’s essential for both senders and recipients to be aware of what this period means for their mail. During this holiday rush, the volume of mail and packages surges significantly as Canadians exchange holiday greetings, gifts, and well-wishes with loved ones near and far. It’s a time when the spirit of giving and sharing is at its peak, and Canada Post plays a crucial role in making sure these sentiments are delivered to their destinations. The Grizzly Gazette contacted Canada Post to learn more about their peak season and how they plan to meet the increased demand during this period. Lisa Liu from Media Relations responded with this helpful information: “Canada Post operationalizes its peak period plans at the beginning of November each year. To ensure we deliver for Canadians, for the 2022 holiday season on a national scale, we hired close to 4,500 additional seasonal staff and added 1,550 more vehicles to one of Canada’s largest fleets (nearly 15,000), in addition to adding parking and weekend delivery. This helps us keep up with holiday delivery volumes which is the busiest time of year for Canada Post employees. During the 2022 holiday season, our dedicated team across the country had multiple occasions where they delivered more than two million parcels in a day. For the 2023 holiday season, we are adding more staff, vehicles, aircraft, equipment, and are also expanding weekend delivery. We’ve also added significant new parcel processing capacity in Toronto. This will impact Canadians and businesses across the country, as most of Canada’s parcels originate in the Greater Toronto Area. We are also increasing capacity at our retail stores by extending hours in some post offices, and adding pick-up and drop-off locations. As we start the busiest shopping period of the year, we encourage customers to take the time and do their research online with retailers to understand the availability of certain items and ensure they aren’t disappointed. We know how much the holiday season matters to online shoppers and Canadian businesses – and we’re ready to deliver more for them at this special time of the year.” To ensure your holiday cards and packages arrive in time, it’s essential to be aware of Canada Post’s recommended mailing deadlines. These vary depending on the destination and the type of service. Here are some key dates for 2023: · Local Delivery: For sending within your local area, the suggested mailing deadline for regular mail is December 19 for both packages and cards. · Regional: Canada Post groups Canadian Regions as Atlantic (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island), Central (Quebec and Ontario), Western (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwestern Ontario), Nunavut East, Nunavut West, Northwest Territories, and The Yukon. Regional mail refers to sending and receiving addresses being within the same region. The regional deadline for regular mail packages is from December 14th – 19th, and the 18th for cards. · National: For national mail, it’s crucial to send your items even earlier. The national deadline for regular mail packages is December 8th – 18th, and the 15th for cards. Canada Post also offers faster delivery options at higher rates, including their Priority, Xpresspost, and Expedited Parcel services. Visit for more information on the critical dates for these services. The holiday season is a time for spreading joy and connecting with loved ones. Canada Post plays an essential role in making this possible by delivering holiday cards and packages throughout the country. During the peak season from October 30, 2023, until January 14, 2024, it’s crucial to be aware of mailing deadlines, expect potential delays, and follow best practices for sending your holiday greetings and gifts. By planning ahead and using the services and resources provided by Canada Post, you can ensure that your mail and packages reach their destinations in time for the holiday celebrations.

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