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New salt storage shed stalls

Icy roads. – Pixabay


PORT AUX BASQUES – Summer is nearly over, and winter is fast approaching. The roads in Newfoundland can be treacherous when the snow falls, and with this in mind, the Town of Port aux Basques is choosing to be more proactive with plans for a new salt storage facility.

“The Town recently received funding approval from the Province via a 50/50 cost share ratio for the construction of a new Municipal Salt Storage Facility. The new facility, which will be located on Hopedale Avenue, is required to house annual supplies of snow/ice control materials for each winter season and reduce the Town’s dependency on the province for its annual supply,” said Town Manager Leon MacIsaac.

The new salt shed will mean less reliance on the province for snow clearing materials. The date for completion of the salt storage shed, however, has yet to be determined.

“The building is currently proceeding through the design phase so we are currently unable to provide estimates on costs, contractors of completion dates,” said MacIsaac.

Finding money to build the shed has also run into a bit of a snag since the Gas Tax Secretariat denied the town’s initial funding request.

“The Town made a request to the Gas Tax Secretariat for funding to offset the municipal funding requirement,” noted MacIsaac. “The Town has made an appeal for reconsideration of the request.”

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