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No trout about it

Gerald Roy fly fishing in a Codroy Valley salmon river in 2017. – © J. René Roy

Everybody needs a hobby. Mine, as I may have alluded to in the past, is fishing.

There is something peaceful about it that keeps me craving the next cast. Something that keeps me thinking about nothing else except the next cast.

We all know that the southwest corner of Newfoundland is home to some pretty spectacular scenery, but I think that the leisure fishing in our area is woefully underrated.

I am not a fussy man. I will throw my line wherever I think I might get a bite. Whether it is fishing for trout, cod, or pollock, for me it is less about what I bring home and more about how fun it is to get something on the line.

I don’t own a quad or a boat, so my options are fairly limited when it comes to access to some spots I’d like to try, but that also means I get to walk, explore, and take in some amazing sights that some might not ever get to see.

I have hiked into some pretty remote locations, and seen a lot of beauty just by pausing to have a long look around. Having a photographers eye doesn’t hurt either I suppose, but finding a pond thats so flat that it reflects perfectly can certainly be appreciated by anyone.

Unlike some, I prefer to go fishing on my own.

I have taken my father salmon fishing in the Codroy Valley, but usually I much prefer to be alone in my own thoughts. Sadly we struck out that day, but it was wonderful to go out with him, and have him try to teach me how to use a fly rod, a skill I cannot seem to master.

This past summer, I have shifted my focus from pond and brook fishing for trout to trying for saltwater trout.

They are a much more fun fish to hook into, not to mention tastier and bigger. That said, I have indeed found that a lot of my favourite spots end up being low in numbers later in the season, so casting into saltwater fishing just made more sense for me personally. Some of you may have seen me this summer in one or two of my not so secret spots.

I spent most of my time this year concentrating my efforts along Route 470, that meandering road to Rose Blanche. Not only does it offer the prettiest spots you can hike into, you can also throw a line just about as soon as you get out of your car. There are literally dozens upon dozens of ponds and brooks.

Much like other fishermen the world over, I have my secret fishing holes, known only to myself and my young son. I could choose to share one or two with you, but as Mayor John Spencer once told me when I asked him about a spot, “A good fisherman never tells!”

So I guess l will just keep my fishing holes to myself, and you will just have to go out and try to find your own.

Tight lines.

– J. René Roy, Editor-in-Chief

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