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ON THE BOOKSHELF: The Woman in Green

The Woman in Green by Jack Todd is available on Amazon.

The Woman in Green offers a great reading experience, packed with romance, history and mystery that kept me interested in this true story. I was really drawn to the main character and felt that I stood right beside him as he journeyed far and wide to solve the mystery of the woman in green.

Dr. Maximilian Balsano’s story starts off in Montreal but he actually travels to Europe and back again. Along the way he finds himself fighting in a war and befriending the infamous Dr. Sigmund Freud during his search for Viennese opera singer Hanna Gosse.

The story was a bit slow starting off, but it was definitely worth sticking with. It’s a different kind of novel, not the same old kind of story that has been done over and over again.

I think this novel has a large appeal, because it touched on multiple genres, from war and history to romance to mystery and even murder and corruption, so really almost everyone can read it. Overall I found it was fresh and interesting and original and that’s hard to do nowadays.

The descriptions of the characters, the war settings, historical Montreal and Europe are so well written that I got swept away in the moment. This is a must read book and the only problem I had – a minor one really – that pulled me out of the time frame was the writer’s use of metric instead of imperial for the part set in 1913.

I am old enough to remember when metric first came in, but that was a relatively minor bump and I got back into the story again easily enough. A younger reader is unlikely to have that problem.

I did have some quality issues with text flow in my copy of this book, so I did dock my rating a bit to reflect that. It’s a really thick novel, with 51 chapters and over 400 pages but I didn’t mind the longer than normal read and I found it very well priced on Amazon.

Thelma Dominey

Go ahead and order this book!

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Thelma Dominey has recently relocated from Isle aux Morts to Channel-Port aux Basques. Her reading appetite trends towards Newfoundland fiction and non-fiction, romance and historical fiction. She currently works as the office administrator for Wreckhouse Press Inc. You can reach email her at:

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