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ON THE BOOKSHELF – Walter & Seymour: Let’s Play

This is a simply wonderful rhyming story of Walter the whale and Seymour the seal. Having two completely different animals of size and abilities on the cover certainly draws the reader in. It elicits the question what do these two animals have in common? Osbourne answers this by allowing the characters to realize their own strengths and weaknesses through questions regarding fairness. Both Walter and Seymour make suggestions for games to play and discuss why the game would be unfair for either of them. It encourages problem solving skills that through thought a compromise can be reached, and they find something that they both can do and enjoy doing. The illustrations are simple yet classic, include a larger text which encourages beginning readers, contrast of colour in text to name the games, and a variety of colour for the counting. It is a book of friendship and how they found a powerful solution to their differences to deepen their friendship.

Valerie’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Valerie Parsons has been a teacher for 29 years. She loves reading so much that she opened her own bookstore, started an online book club, and has written several chldren’s books. Her latest release is an elementary school workbook designed to help children understand and practice mathematics.

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