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PAB affordable housing update

The location of the affordable housing project atop Army Hill in Channel-Port aux Basques. – © René J. Roy / Wreckhouse Press

By Jaymie L. White

Special to Wreckhouse Press

PORT AUX BASQUES – The affordable housing project has been in development for years, including an initial attempt that fell through. The second one is still forging ahead according to Town Manager Leon MacIsaac.

“We are waiting for final approval from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC. There’s several levels of funding for that particular project, so until we get written confirmation – right now we had to get documentation done up – we had to go through accessibility for those with disabilities and also energy efficiency because it has to meet and/or exceed national standards, which is what we endeavour to do up there. It does take time to get those drawings back and forth because you’re dealing with different levels of government and different entities. It takes quite a while.”

MacIsaac also confirmed that the cement pad the old Bruce Arena used to be on has been removed and necessary environmental testing has been completed.

“There’s a stockpile of material back there that we’ve set aside for some testing. Underneath the concrete pad was a mixture of sand and rock, but because the site is where there was a fire we had to get some environmental testing done. There have been environmental reports completed on it in the past, but before we would get final confirmation we would have to do another assessment just to make sure all materials have been addressed and there’s no possible contaminants on site. That’s been tested. There’s nothing, no concern there, so we’re okay from my understanding. I haven’t seen the final report. I haven’t gotten the official one yet, but for all intents and purposes they’ve indicated there’s no concerns.”

MacIsaac said the site has been excavated in preparation to start work and the town will be proceeding as soon as the weather improves, likely sometime in the spring.

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