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PAB council discuss mini homes, social hall

By Jaymie White Local Journalism Initiative Reporter PORT AUX BASQUES — The most recent council meeting took place on Tuesday evening, Sept. 12 and matters discussed included the Bruce II fuel switching upgrades, the affordable housing units, the annual Radiothon, the potential for mini homes in town, and the downtown fire station and social hall. Bruce II Mayor Brian Button asked for the latest updates on the Bruce II fuel switch and energy refit project. Town Manager Leon MacIsaac advised that he’s still waiting. “We’re assuming that the control panel is still on date for delivery, but they’re still not responding to calls and emails. Staff have created the ice sheet up there and user group’s been notified that ice will be ready by the end of the week and we will continue to do so until the contractor interrupts ice time.” Affordable housing Mayor Button asked what materials are currently being waited for in order to complete the 8-units under construction on Army Hill. “The cabinetry, in another week that should be in to finish it off for the two disabled units. Refrigerators should be another week or so. They had to be re-ordered because they weren’t quite right for the disability units because they were impeding the access requirements for mobility,” said MacIsaac. “Paving should be completed very shortly. Curbing is in.” Fire station and social hall The meeting between Coun. Jim Lane, Fire Chief Jerry Musseau and fire department, regarding the condition of the fire station and social hall was presented as part of the Public works report. “He (Coun. Lane) briefed us on issues that were raised such air quality tests for the fire station, items that need to be removed from the social hall, a fridge, stove, coolers et cetera and possible storage location for these items,” said Coun. Melvin Keeping. “The public works submitted to visit the site a few weeks ago and we determined that, given the mold that is formed on the social section of the building, we will have no other choice but to remove the social section from the building and secure and winterize the far-off section. We suggest all of council have input in this issue and as well council is fully aware of discussions that we’ve been had with government officials on a new building and things like that, which is moving forward and hopefully we’re going to have some success with that.” “One of the big concerns with the fire department while I was there was as you know that I guess the business bumper prop and that’s all being taken care of now that needs a substantial amount of work,” said Coun. Lane. “The other issue they had with the fire with the social hall was, is it safe to go in there? We’ve got to do air quality control but we need to know if it’s safe for whatever employee, whether the employees or the volunteers. One of the other concerns with the was black mold, so we’re going to need that looked at as well into the air quality testing.” Radiothon Town Clerk Nadine Osmond read a letter to council regarding the VOCM Radiothon 2023 for the Dr. Charles L. Legrow Hospital Foundation, which will take place this year on Thursday, Sept. 28. “Our project this year will be a renal ultrasound machine for our dialysis unit. This ultrasound will be extremely beneficial to this unit as it will help with the advanced needs of our dialysis patients. In addition to the ultrasound, we will also be fundraising for a bladder scanner and a fetal heart monitor. Both are vital pieces of equipment for our emergency department, and our current equipment is obsolete and requires replacement,” stated Osmond. “The equipment will allow us to continue to be able to safely care for our patients. Total costs will be $116,150, including taxes. In conjunction with this event, our foundation is once again still seeking your support. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, but due to COVID-19 guidelines this year, we would prefer the donation of a gift card, if possible, that can be used as a prize for members of the public when they make a pledge during the one-day Radiothon on September 28. We would also welcome any monetary donations and we trust you will support us as we continue to take steps to improve health care together.” Council decided to look at previous donation amounts on behalf of the town before the next meeting to determine the amount. Mini homes Osmond read a message that was sent by a resident inquiring about whether or not there are any plans to allow for the construction of mini homes in Port aux Basques. “We’ve had multiple discussions on these things over the last twelve months and it’s still ongoing and still looking at different areas that we’ve talked about. I don’t think anything has been determined as such,” said Button. “What’s the latest on the subdivision? On the piece on the subdivision for the consultants?” “I stressed to them the importance of getting this to us. They’re well beyond schedule and it is not something that’s soon produced. We’ll have to have a chat, but whether or not it’s in our best interest to have them continue to do the work for us,” answered MacIsaac. “In regards to the residential modern home mini homes for our areas around town where a mini home would be as permitted, we’d have to create the street for demand of mini homes to put one in. When you put in mini homes, they’re typically going on a street designed for them and not incorporated into an existing area, unfortunately.”

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