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PAB council gets more funding for Bruce II

The Bruce II Sports Centre in Port aux Basques has been granted additional funds for ongoing upgrades. – File photo

By Jaymie White Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

PORT AUX BASQUES — The most recent town council meeting took place on Tuesday evening, Jan. 18. Matters discussed included the senior housing update, sponsorship of new uniforms and more funding for Bruce II upgrades.

Senior Housing Town Manager Leon MacIssaac provided an update on the senior housing complex project. “Right now there is a delay in getting some items to finish framing on the inside. That’s related to the specialty fixtures for the bathrooms where they have to be handicap accessible for all the units. There was a six-to-eight week delay and we’re hoping to get them soon.” The current estimate for completion of the project is August.

Climate Change Challenge Fund Council received a letter from the Department of Environment and Climate Change in response to their request to increase the funding request for the Climate Change Challenge Fund Contribution for the Bruce II. The request for more money was approved. Town Manager MacIssac said the additional funding was requested due to the larger amount that had to be spent on the retrofit. “It is for the energy retrofit at the Bruce II building. We originally received $1,408,000 for the energy retrofit of the systems in there,” said MacIsaac. “We put in an application for increased funding due to increased costs. We had to spend an additional $220,000 which increases our contribution by an additional $16,000.” A motion was passed to accept the additional funding from the government.

YBC The YBC Program wrote to Town council explaining how they would be introducing new uniforms for coaches and bowlers this year. The group reached out to request a donation from the Bruce II or the Town to go toward the costs. Councillor Jim Lane said the town hasn’t donated to their uniforms before, but in a way, it is like paying for advertising. “The uniforms they are wearing have the Bruce II logo, so it is a different situation and it’s like a partial advertisement for us,” said Coun. Lane. “This advertisement is going to be on their sweaters wherever they go.” Mayor Brian Button said he doesn’t look at the donation as them purchasing the jerseys. “I just look at this as a sponsorship, buying a sponsorship, not paying for the jerseys as such. We just pay a couple hundred bucks for a sponsorship on the jerseys. I don’t see us going into big costs on it because I don’t think we should buy the whole thing,” said Button. The decision was made to table the motion until the next council meeting.

AIM The group Autism Involves Me (AIM) sent an email to council noticing that town hall is autism-aware and not autism-friendly and AIM offered to provide a presentation for town employees on autism. “If the town staff could do that and have a presentation, it would be really good to have it done, and I am in favour of it. We are usually receptive to this type of thing,” said Button. Town Manager Leon MacIssaac agreed that the town should avail of this opportunity. “Everybody should be sensitive to different needs. Not everyone has the same sensory reception or how to deal with certain situations, so it certainly would be a benefit.” Council will make the necessary arrangements to move forward.

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