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PAB fishers land unusual catch

Jeff Porter hooked onto this Canadian National Railway cup (left) while out fishing with his son, Andy, last week. – © courtesy of Andy Porter

PORT AUX BASQUES – Last Monday, Oct 19, while fishing about a half mile off Channel Head, Andy and Jeff Porter hauled up something unusual – a Canadian National Railway (CNR) cup.

Jeff is an offshore fisher and his son Andy had come along for the day. They had set their gear earlier that morning and had left it soaking for a couple of hours before starting to haul it back in.

“All I heard was, ‘What in the name of God is that coming there?’ and he started to laugh,” shares Andy, doing a bit of chuckling himself. “When I looked it was a mug.”

Andy quickly snapped a couple of photos of his father still holding the intact cup before they unhooked it. He says they’ve hooked up pants and even a shoe before, but this is the first time they’ve pulled in some china.

The yellow mug is surprisingly intact, and the stamp and information at the bottom are entirely legible. Andy says his father believes it may have come from the MV William Carson.

Andy has already cleaned it up and put it to good use.

“I carried it out to Dad, trying it out with a cup of tea!”

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