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PAB focuses on ATV trail fix

The Town of Port aux Basques wants to install anti-glare technology to limit the glare from oncoming traffic for this ATV trail that runs parallel to the Trans Canada Highway.. – © J. René Roy / Wreckhouse Press, Inc.

PORT AUX BASQUES – Town council is hoping to secure funding for the ATV trail in order to build an extension under the overpass near Tim Horton’s. Mayor John Spencer told the Wreckhouse Weekly that this would allow for an ease of ATV traffic from Marine Atlantic along the current trail where the old rail bed runs parallel to the Trans Canada Highway.

“Government engineers were opposed for safety reasons given the glare from headlights from ATVs when getting close to the road near Tim’s,” wrote Spencer via e-mail. “The ATVs would then continue along the northside of Irving Mainway crossing the road near the museum.”

Recreational ATV tourism has been a boost for provincial tourist operators and was cited as part of the reason for the current federal and provincial investment in the Newfoundland T’Railway repairs and improvements.

Town Manager Leon MacIsaac clarified the specific anti-glare technology being considered is the Safe-Hit Glarescreen.

“They are typically installed on concrete jersey barriers or barricades that divide traffic lanes and limit the glare from oncoming traffic. The material required for this area would include a cost of approximately $25,000 for the Glarescreens and mounting hardware and approximately $25,000 for the concrete jersey barriers to use as a separation between the ATV trail and TCH traffic,” wrote MacIsaac via e-mail.

The mayor also noted that the issue of the trail has been ongoing for quite some time, and that members of council traveling to St. John’s will include the ATV trail among the other matters they are bringing to the ministerial and technical echelons of government.

“Hopefully, the completed access for ATVs will add to an already busy Tim’s and Irving Mainway with tourists stopping before venturing into our wonderful province. And, of course, catering to the outgoing traffic as well,” wrote Spencer.

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