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Qalipu protest cancelled

Chief Greg Janes of the Burgeo Band of Indians

BURGEO – Chief Greg Janes of the Burgeo Band of Indians says that a scheduled protest in Corner Brook has been cancelled.

Instead of holding the protest during a council meeting on Saturday, Nov. 28 as originally planned, Janes says, “Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in the Western Region, we are going to cancel the protest at this time.”

Opting to take the safest path, Janes states that they will be instead asking for an online protest.

“We are asking people to inundate Brendan Mitchell, the Chief of Qalipu First Nations with their stories and to contact Gudie Hutchings’ office as well.”

The protest is regarding the over ten thousand status members who were removed from the founding members list of Qalipu First Nations under a supplemental agreement.

Janes is unaware of the reason for exclusion, hence the reason for the original plan of protest.

“We are ready to go to jail for this. Every time council sits, we will be there, and we will ramp up our protests.”

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