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Rec House, CYN teach no drunk driving

From left: Manager, Valerie Clarke, NL Liquor Corporation (Port aux Basques); Danielle Neil, Middle Executive Director, Rec House CYN; Youth Worker, Erica Lomond, Rec House CYN, each hold some of the decorated bags. – submitted

by Danielle Neil Special to The Wreckhouse Weekly

PORT AUX BASQUES – The Rec House, Community Youth Network (CYN) is teaching the importance of not drinking and driving during the holiday season.

Danielle Neil, Executive Director at the Rec House, got the idea from another fellow CYN group that also does the same campaign in partnership with the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation. Danielle contacted the local liquor store in Port aux Basques and spoke with manager Valerie Clarke, who was delighted to be on board as a partner for this brown paper bag campaign.

One thousand paper bags were donated by the Port aux Basques liquor store, and labels were placed on the bags recognizing the local groups involved in the campaign.

The bags were then carried to five local schools around the Southwest coast area for grades K-12 students to design colourful, alerting messages to highlight the campaign “Drinking & Driving, Arriving Safely” during the holiday season. The student names, grades, and schools are also indicated on the bag.

Once the bags are completed by the students, they are then carried to the NL liquor store for distribution of alcohol purchases during the week before Christmas.

This is the second year for this campaign.

Last year’s feedback from community was absolutely overwhelming. Residents stated that they enjoyed seeing these bags with its important message designed by the local students.

To thank students for their hard work and the time spent on their designs to support the campaign, the Rec House will be offering prizes this year.

Keep an eye out for these bags that will be placed at the liquor store starting on Friday, Dec. 18.

An average of 4 Canadians are killed each day, and 1,250 to 1,500 each year, due to drinking and driving. More than 63,000 are injured by impaired drivers every year.

The Rec House, CYN and students ask that you please think responsibly during the holiday season. Please don’t drink and drive.

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