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Rose Blanche council recap

ROSE BLANCHE – HARBOUR LE COU – Here are the highlights from the meeting of council that took place on Monday, Sept. 28.


The town only has one new pump left. A supplier quote for six new pumps priced them at $22,425 that council hopes to purchase using Gas Tax funds.

Meanwhile a tendered bid of $500 for a chlorination system was rejected by council. They will advise the bidder of the ideal price range and re-advertise the tender in a PMA bulletin.

The town will also contact MNL to get new winter tires for the truck, and the town clerk will get quotes for a new spreader to be included in the 2021 town budget.

The salt shed is in dire need of repair or replacement, which Council hopes to fund through the Capital Works program.

The town also wants to get new signs with the town logo for the Town Hall building and the Fire Department.

Municipalities NL

No members of council attended the MNL virtual conference this year.


Council donated $100 each in support of the Janeway Foundation, Daffodil House and the Dr. Charles L. LeGrow Radio-a-thon.

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