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Route 470 repairs


FOX ROOST – MARGAREE – It’s construction season on the island, and many of our well-worn roads are finally getting some much-needed work.

The Department of Transportation had done some work in the area about three years ago, and in response to inquiries stated that the previous work done included culvert replacements, and as well laying down new surface asphalt.

Near the Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou area, residents will see 800 meters of work done along Route 470. In addition to the road upgrades, the Department of Transportation will also be completing some bridge work in the area. The department anticipates this work will be completed by the end of this summer.

There is no other scheduled work being completed on the Route 470, but they do intend to undertake further work in the Margaree-Fox Roost area. There is a two-kilometer section of road in that area in some need of repair, and the department intends to tackle this section of road during this summer’s construction season.

Please observe all road and construction safety signs posted when travelling the Granite Coast Highway this summer.

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