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Roz’s Rant: Tired of politics

I’m getting tired, and I’m not talking about the pandemic, though God knows I’m sick of that too. No, I’m talking politics and the incessant B.S. that shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

People seem to think delaying an election that has been called is as easy as flipping off a light switch. A clue: it’s not. There are laws in this free country and free province for a reason.

Meanwhile the media has delighted in hijacking COVID-19 briefings to focus on the election because ratings means money and they can get the pandemic stats easily enough from the daily press releases anyway.

On social media, conspiracy theorists seem to think that it somehow benefits provincial and federal leaders to keep the economy shut down and us all at home, sipping off the country’s teat instead of going out to earn during a global pandemic.

Former Premier and retired Chief Justice Clyde Wells recently gave a CBC Here & Now interview where he stated that in his opinion, Bruce Chaulk hasn’t overstepped in measures he has taken to adapt the election during the pandemic and recent outbreak that prompted another lockdown.

“Somebody may challenge it, but I don’t see how it could be successful on anything that I’ve seen to date,” said Wells.

None of it makes sense, and looking to provincial leaders for answers isn’t going to help because they’re too busy playing the blame game. Unlike Wells, I fully expect this election to get mired in a legal battle.

More time and taxpayer money will be wasted. Perhaps we’ll have a public inquiry that recommends changes that won’t solve anything. It’ll likely take years.

In the meantime, what are they doing to fix the provincial debt exactly? As a former postal employee I can promise you that Moya Greene is not going to provide salvation. Been there, done that.

Services are already gutted. Good luck getting help unless it’s online and that was the case well before the pandemic. Too bad the websites are so outdated and ineffective.

Who needs that on top of everything else?

What we’re going to get after this election is what we always get – promises, mostly broken. This is not a partisan opinion. I truly believe it doesn’t matter anymore who wins.

We’re going to get tax hikes and service cutbacks. Big business will continue to skyrocket prices unchecked, and we will pay it because they are not brought to heel. Heck, they don’t even pay municipal taxes most of the time. They know all of the loop holes.

What’s the solution? Heck if I know. I’m not a politician.

What is truly disturbing is that none of the parties really seem to know either. I’ve read their platforms and I’m not impressed with any of them, but if I don’t vote how does that help?

Here’s what I do know. We’re in a hole and we’re still digging. It’s time to pick up a shovel and fill it back in, instead of just hoping to supervise.

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