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Salvation Army organizes more donations

David Harvey surrounded by boxes of donations at the Grand Bay Mall on Friday, Nov. 18. – © René J. Roy / Wreckhouse Press

By Jaymie White Local Journalism Initiative Reporter – with files from René J. Roy

PORT AUX BASQUES — On Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 23, the Salvation Army was sat the Grand Bay Mall, surrounded by donations for those affected by Fiona. David Harvey was busy organizing the shipments, which had just arrived.

“These are the donations that came from across the island, back a month or so ago, and they were originally dropped off in Corner Brook,” explained Harvey. “Corner Brook Salvation Army went through it all, basically took out and cleaned out all the stuff that wasn’t acceptable, to get it all sorted. Then they boxed it all, put it on pallets, and sent it out to us.”

There are a variety of items for displaced families to choose from.

“It’s here and now it’s for the folks who are specifically affected by Fiona. These folks were called by the town to go through all that we have and to pick out what they need,” said Harvey. “We also have a huge amount of paper towels and toilet paper that was given by Kroeger. That’s all available in boxes or individual packages, whatever you wish, to be taken by folks as well.”

If items are left over after the displaced families have been served, Harvey said they will then determine what to do with the remainder.

“We’re not really sure yet. Our thrift store, unfortunately, can’t take it. We are blocked to the doors with clothing that comes in on a local basis from folks who are just giving to the thrift store,” said Harvey. “This is all surplus.”

There’s even more waiting in Corner Brook still to come out.

“Right now we’ve got 20 skids that’s here, another 18 that’s in Corner Brook that they say are supposed to come out. We’ll have conversations around that I’m sure. With everyone affected, once we find out all these folks have all been satisfied, maybe we’ll move it on to some of the other thrift stores, maybe use some other resources we have. None of this will go into the garbage unless it is garbage.”

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