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Salvation Army & PAB team up to show thanks

The Salvation Army in Port aux Basques provided a hot lunch to Port aux Basques town employees on Thursday, Aug. 18. – © René J. Roy / Wreckhouse Press Inc.

By Jaymie White

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

– with files from René J. Roy

PORT AUX BASQUES – On Thursday afternoon, Aug. 18, the town of Port Aux Basques, in partnership with the Salvation Army, held an appreciation lunch for town employees in the Salvation Army church parking lot. Mayor Brian Button said the purpose of this lunch was to show town employees how grateful they are for their hard work and dedication.

“Being a town worker, it’s probably the only profession here where they take a bit of a banging here sometimes for the work they do, because its town related, but we certainly appreciate the work they do. We had a chat amongst ourselves, and this was one of the things we came up with.”

Button said the plan for this lunch was a coordinated effort.

“We had a chat with the Salvation Army when they got their new unit and we thought that this would be perfect. We could roll their new unit in and do the lunches in conjunction and partnership with them and show our appreciation together.”

Button said the entire town came together to make the decision.

“We wanted to do something for the employees, to show some appreciation for all of the work that the employees do. I know throughout the year, especially during this time of the year, it is really busy for all of the workers, so we just want to take some time out to show our appreciation, have a little appreciation lunch for them and thank them for all that they do.”

David Harvey of the Salvation Army said that they were more than willing to help out.

“They asked if we would be willing to do a sponsor of a day for the workers within the community, and we said absolutely we would be willing to do that,” said Harvey. “We’re offering hamburgers, hot dogs, poutine, fries, or homemade beef stew.”

Harvey said the hamburgers and poutine were the most popular items on the menu that day. The free lunch saw a steady flow of workers who showed up to grab a bite on their break.

Originally, the plan was not to have the lunch at the parking lot, but a change in plans didn’t slow them down and the organizers were able to adapt.

“We had original plans, but they had some mechanical issues, and that changed things and how we had to do it, but nevertheless we were still able to do it and employees were able to come and grab some lunch,” said Button.

“We were supposed to be at the Bruce II, but we went out and about yesterday with our trailer and our truck, around the region to drop off a few items from our food bank and our truck gave out. So we got our trailer towed here and had to change venues, a little alteration,” said Harvey.

Even though the weather didn’t always cooperate, the spirit at the event was a positive one.

“I guess with the way the weather is here today you need to shelter in a little bit to eat lunch, so as long as the employees got their lunch and stuff today, that’s what matters,” said Button.

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