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Santa, Grinch visit Margaree-Fox Roost

Santa and the Grinch played nice during a recent visit to Margaree-Fox Roost.

MARGAREE – FOX ROOST – If there’s anyone who can make The Grinch behave, it’s Santa Claus. On Sunday, Dec. 20 when Santa paid a pre-Christmas visit, he invited the Grinch along for a ride in the fire truck.

Even the Grinch couldn’t seem to refuse Santa, and brought along his little dog, Max. While Santa rode around in his sleigh, the Grinch stayed under close watch in the pumper truck during the visit lest he get up to no good.

The Grinch seemed happy to greet children while Santa did some early gift giving in partnership with the ACW and the Margaree-Fox Roost Volunteer Fire Department.

“The ACW has got fruit baskets done up and we’ll deliver them to the seniors, and along the way we’ll see the children and we’ve got candy canes for them,” said Santa.

Carolann Keough, who volunteers with both the ACW and the fire department, said that the group had 37 double plates and 31 single plates prepared, and estimated that Santa would deliver over 100 plates during the visit.

“It’s not just seniors,” clarified Keough. “It’s people with disabilities and shut ins. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a senior.”

While Santa did his gift giving, children chased the fire truck around hoping to see the Grinch.

“They want us to keep him,” noted Keough at one point.

Despite their best efforts, the slippery Grinch and his dog, Max, got away from the firefighters and Santa to return to Mount Crumpet. He was last spotted on Christmas Eve, warning people to avoid Christmas. The Grinch doesn’t seem eager to take his own advice though. He was spotted posing happily for photos several times. Could it be that Santa’s influence has rubbed off on him?

“I just like the attention!” he grinched.

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