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Seal pup comes ashore in Port aux Basques

Updated: Feb 10

seal pup
The seal pup will be picked up by the Department of Wildlife later today— © René J. Roy / Wreckhouse Press Inc.

A seal pup seems to have lost his way in Port Aux Basques, but he won't have to be alone for long. The Department of Wildlife was called to take care of the pup, which was found behind a beauty salon overlooking Andy's Rainbow Park on Wednesday morning, February 7.

There are six species of seals found in Atlantic Canada — the harp, hooded, grey, ringed, bearded, and harbour seals, but it's unknown exactly what breed this seal is.

"First when they are born they are white coats, then they become raggedy jackets. After that they become beaters, I believe this is a beater," said Richard 'Dubsy' Hardy, who posted photos to Meta.

seal pup
Photo submitted by Cristal van Esch

The Town of Port Aux Basques is aware of the seal and provided an update on their Facebook (Meta) page.

"Just an update on the seal, someone from wildlife department will be here today to help get the seal to a safe location."

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