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Seconds count

Seconds can make a difference when emergency services is having trouble finding an address.

PORT AUX BASQUES – Having a number on your home comes with multiple advantages. A civic number is critical to identifying an address not only for everyday deliveries, but is primarily essential for emergency services.

According to town manager Leon MacIsaac, “Residents fail to realize the importance of having a civic number properly displayed so that emergency personnel can locate your home in the event of a fire or a medical issue. The loss of a home or life can easily be prevented if the property can be quickly located and should not require the assistance of the municipality.”

Fire Chief Jerry Musseau agrees.

“Civic addressing is essential for a more efficient response by emergency services as a way to quickly and easily identify the location where to respond. Although we live in a small town it could still be frustrating if we can’t find a house, and in an emergency seconds count. We have responded in the past and not known exactly where to go because of no civic number, even though we were in the general area.”

To install a number on a house is relatively simple and inexpensive. They are available at many stores in town for only a few dollars.

It’s not only the fire department that can lose precious seconds of response time. Ambulance services and police response can also be improved by having a number on a home.

As these emergency services are frequently staffed by people from outside the area, making that number visible from the road is also important. Seconds lost in the search for a particular building not easily identified can mean the difference between life and death.

The display of civic numbers is not mandated within town limits, although Town Council does send out reminders every year with tax statements.

Chief Musseau concludes, “I would like to see all homes with a number displayed, and if possible be visible from the street. It is for the homeowners benefit to have a civic address displayed as you need emergency personnel to be able to respond quickly if you requested them.”

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