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Self care tips for the holidays

Right: Take care of yourself during the hectic holiday season. –

NC – This time of year can be stressful for anyone, especially while we’re still living in a pandemic without any real guarantees on how big a celebration we can have or who we’ll be able to see. Lower your stress and enjoy the season to the fullest by following these self-care tips:

Create a morning routine.

During the holidays we’re overworked, overwhelmed and overspending. But taking a few minutes to start your day right can help you feel centred and calm. Light a candle, enjoy a cup of tea, read a good book or listen to soothing music or a self-help podcast before getting started on your to-do list to find balance and be more productive throughout the day.

Feel free to opt out.

Protecting your time is an important part of self-care. So don’t be afraid to say “no” to things that stress you out or don’t bring you joy, even if you feel obligated. Are promotional emails pressuring you to spend more? Unsubscribe. Does visiting your aunt always make you feel like a failure? Skip her get-together and send a greeting card instead.

Try cutting down on vices.

Going cold turkey to give up bad habits is challenging and often unrealistic. Rather than professing to stay off social media entirely, cut down how long you spend and make sure to turn off your phone when you’re with someone or doing another activity. Don’t try to avoid every tasty treat but limit yourself to a few favourites.

Listen to something merry.

Music can have a big influence on your mood. Surround yourself with the voices and music that radiate positivity and lift you up. Whether that’s some cheerful holiday carols or some familiar songs to put a spring in your step, you’re bound to find something you love on SiriusXM’s ad-free music channels. Give a gift to yourself with the SXM App and access limitless podcasts, comedy and music programming that will make you laugh, dance and sing.

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