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Sou’west Newfoundland Delta Waterfowl fundraiser

PORT AUX BASQUES – The Sou’west Newfoundland Delta Waterfowl is among the many groups having to adapt to fundraising in the time of a global pandemic.

“Normally we would have a dinner and an auction and do some raffles at the event. This year we’re not having an actual event at all,” says Chair Mark Lomond.

Usually 125 tickets are sold for the fundraising dinner, proceeds from which help to fund a $250 scholarship for a local student, support the town’s annual winter carnival fishing derby and other local groups like Autism Involves Me. Multiple prize draws are held at the dinner and Lomond says many go home with at least some small prize.

This year, Delta Waterfowl has put the prizes into three large packages and are selling the tickets for $100. Only 150 tickets are being printed, and the draws will take place on Friday, Oct. 30. Lomond estimates around a third of the tickets have been sold so far.

“There’ll be four guns, lots of artwork. There’s thousands and thousands of dollars worth of prizes,” says Lomond. “It’s really nice.”

Some of the ticket sales will naturally go towards paying for the prizes. The local chapter of Delta Waterfowl will keep 25 percent of the funds raised. The rest goes to the Delta Waterfowl foundation to further develop and maintain good conservation and hunting practices.

“They fund a lot of different causes,” notes Lomond.

The Sou’west Newfoundland chapter has put out over 100 different nesting structures in this region since it formed in 2016. They’ve also spearheaded beach cleanups, picking up garbage that would otherwise impact bird and marine life.

“We bought and installed doors for the Codroy Valley wetlands centre,” shares Lomond.

Fundraising instead of a dinner does have some upside though.

“There’s a lot less preparation, that’s for sure,” offers Lomond. “I don’t know if I’d call it easier.”

Lomond says regular dinner guests have expressed disappointment at this new fundraiser, but given the COVID-19 guidelines there’s little alternative. Those wishing to purchase tickets can reach out to any of the Sou’west Delta Waterfowl members through their Facebook page or by calling Mark at 694-2684.

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