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Stephenville recognizes Family Foster Month

Stephenville Town Council – file photo

By Jaymie White Local Journalism Initiative Reporter STEPHENVILLE — The most recent council meeting took place on Thursday evening, Oct. 26. Mayor Tom Rose wasn’t present for the meeting, so it was led by Deputy Mayor Susan Fowlow, and matters discussed included National Foster Family Month, the provision of easements to MOWI, Nixon Metals, the municipal conduct investigation, the Small Business Awards, the MNL Provincial conference, and the departure of Town Manager Colin Maddock. National Foster Family Month The month of October is National Foster Family Month, and Deputy Mayor Fowlow wanted to take a minute before the committee reports to discuss the important role foster families play. “Town Council of the Town of Stephenville recognizes October as National Foster Families Month and acknowledges the special role that foster families play in our community. The council also acknowledges the role that Newfoundland and Labrador foster families play in providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children or youth in their homes. The important role of foster families in the child protection system in our province, the role of the Newfoundland and Labrador Foster Families Association, and that foster families are valued members of our community for their contribution to the well-being of our province and our country,” said Fowlow. “Stephenville proclaims October as National Foster Family Month and even while we’re late in October with the proclamation, October is the month where we single out foster families nationally and otherwise. But I think we recognize as a town and as a community the important role that foster families play every month of the year. So thank you to those who step forward and those who are thinking about stepping forward. And remember that there are always people still in need of care. So if you’re thinking about it at all, take the next steps for sure.” MOWI On behalf of the finance committee, Coun. Lenny Tiller moved that council approve the provision of three easements to MOWI Canada East Incorporated in the amount of one dollar. “It’s a recommendation of Finance Committee that the council notes its expression of interest to transfer five parcels of land to area No. 34 A 40 Connecticut drive area, No. 37 B, 40 A, Connecticut Drive, 40 B, Connecticut Drive, 26 Connecticut Drive Bypass and 20 Connecticut Drive Bypass to MOWI Canada East Incorporated in compliance with Section 201.3 of Chapter M 24 Municipalities Act 1999, with MOWI Canada East Incorporated responsible for all related costs such as surveys, legal, Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation reimbursements, et cetera,” said Tiller. The motion was approved unanimously by council. Nixon Metals On behalf of the finance committee, Coun. Tiller moved that council approve the transfer of a property to Nixon Metals. The property in question is a green hangar located at 263 Carolina Avenue, and the motion was approved unanimously by council. Municipal conduct investigation Under unfinished business, Deputy Mayor Fowlow shared the results of the completed investigation under the Municipal Conduct Act. “After reviewing two investigative reports completed on complaints filed under the Municipal Conduct Act dated April 21, 2023, and April 26, 2023, council accepts the recommendation of the investigator in each of the complaints to dismiss the complaints against the coucillors in question in each case,” said Fowlow. Small Business Awards Coun. Tracy Boland wanted to congratulate the small businesses who took home awards on the night of the award ceremony on Friday, Oct. 20. “The Long Range Business Committee held small Business Week activities and had the presentation of awards at the end of last week, and we have a number of businesses here who received awards,” said Fowlow. “So we certainly send congratulations to each and every award winner, each and every runner up, and each and every business that was nominated in that process. It’s a great process that the Long Range group engages in each year, I think, to recognize the importance of small business in every community. It certainly is the heart of community, so congratulations to everybody there.” Coun. Aylward also congratulated Coun. Boland who took home an award that evening as well for her business, Arlims. MNL provincial conference Fowlow mentioned that Mayor Tom Rose was absent for the council meeting because he was attending the MNL conference. ”He is there representing our council and hopefully listening to and bringing back any new information that we need and I’m sure also, well, bragging about all the things that Stephenville has on the radar and so on. He’s also a voting delegate at the conference,” said Fowlow. “They are very informative, these conferences, and we always encourage, where possible, any councillors who are able to attend, to attend these conferences. I think sometimes as we look at budgets and whether budgets are tight or not, there are certain budget lines for travel that we do keep because we recognize the value of networking and learning at these types of events. So again, a reminder to anybody that, if at all possible, if you can attend some of these events, they’re great events for learning, they’re great events for networking and support, and every now and again, it’s fun, too.” Colin Maddock As the council meeting came to a close, Fowlow thanked Colin Maddock for the work he has done and wished him well moving forward. “On behalf of Council, I extend our gratitude and much thanks to our Town Manager and CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) Colin Maddock, who, unfortunately in our case, is leaving us,” said Fowlow. “I think he’s made some decisions around leaving and possibly looking at other opportunities with his family, maybe out of the province or otherwise, but Colin, it’s been a pleasure working with you and learning from you and seeing you learn a little bit from us, and we wish you all the best as you move forward, you and your family. So thank you very much.” “Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to serve,” replied Maddock

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