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The Nanny Mary Soccer Tournament

Four teams, two kids and two adults, participated in this year’s tournament.. – Courtesy of Karen Walsh

Back row, from left: Colton Anderson, Tyler Drapeau, Landon Pearce,Jake Drapeau, Liam Lomond, Lexi Pearce, Tedy Gould. Front row: Caleb Lomond, Layla Billiard, Hadley Lomond, Lincoln Anderson and Daniel Walsh. – Courtesy of Kirk AuCoin

– with files and photos courtesy of Karen Walsh and Kirk AuCoin

CODROY VALLEY – Mary MacIsaac was an avid soccer fan and travelled throughout the province, even in her retirement years, to cheer on all Codroy Valley soccer teams. In 2013, the Nanny Mary annual soccer tournament began with 93 year old Mary kicking the first ball. She was present for three tournaments and, after her passing, the tradition continues. The purpose of the tournament is to get all soccer players in the region together for a game of challenge and fun and the winning team gets their name put on the soccer cup. The MacIsaac family had a barbecue and ticket sales to raise funds for the Codroy Valley Recreation Association, and this year they were able to donate $1,731. The MacIsaacs would like to thank all the players both kids and adults for great games, all those who donated food and drink for the barbecue, monetary donations and ticket prize donation and the amazing fans, as well as a big thank you to Codroy Valley Recreation Committee for being so accommodating and supportive. As Nanny Mary used to say, “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as they have fun”.

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