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The paranormal in Port aux Basques

“The one with a circle is a finger but no one was under his bed and we have a video of it wiggling,” says Dee Tatchell. – Photo courtesy of Dee Tatchell


PORT AUX BASQUES – Many may enjoy the occasional story about ghosts and hauntings around the campfire or especially on Hallowe’en, but for one local family dealing with the paranormal has become rather routine. Dee Tatchell believes that her home is haunted, and she seems at a loss as to how to resolve it.

Tatchell’s suspicious about a ghost in the home began just over two years ago during the winter, when she was getting ready to go out sledding with her children.

“We had a shovel, like a kids’ shovel, in the hallway that we had just got for the youngsters,” recalls Tatchell, “and the shovel got thrown down by his bedroom door. I picked it up and put it back, and when we got in the car we went and got gas and that. Aiden, which is the middle child, told us that he has a friend name Mia, and she’s going sliding with him. And I first we thought it was an imaginary friend and didn’t pay no attention to it.”

A shovel moving inexplicably and an imaginary friend seem innocent enough, but things soon took a dark turn.

“He started having night terrors and waking up with random bruises, hand-shaped bruises on him, that was too big his brother’s and way too small for it to be anybody else’s. He woke up one night and he was screaming and crying. He said the monster under the bed tried to pull him under and that’s when we took notice to the bruises on his leg. And they was fresh, just there,” says Tatchell.

The young mother then started some careful investigation and got a description of one of the reported culprits from Aiden. The ghost was described as female with white clothes, white hair, and white eyes. Tatchell shared this information to her partner’s former roommate in the home.

“He had mentioned before that he could hear little girls singing out to him and someone touching him in his room, which is now Aiden’s room,” said Tatchell.

The number of incidents have only increased over time.

“We’ve had the coffee table kicked. We’ve had voices talking to us. You can smell burning matches, someone getting a perm, perfume, candles, all kinds of stuff. When you’re in the living room, like in the evening time, you feel thumping on the floor. It’s hard enough that the floor vibrates but there’s nothing downstairs. Nobody can get in down there. We’ve got it screwed shut and a great big tire put up against it. And then like, walking down the hall, you can hear someone’s footsteps walking down the hall,” shares Tatchell.

One unusual presence identified by Tatchell in the home has been nicknamed Charlie by the family.

“I was in a video call conference classroom with Aiden for school and this white ball just came down in front of our faces or, off to the side and I was jumped back and – that startled by it – and Aiden’s teacher, she was on the camera. She said, ‘What the hell was that?’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s just Charlie.'”

Along with Charlie and Mia, Tatchell also believes there is another specter in the home called Nanny White.

“Aiden talks to Nanny White, which is not Aiden’s biological grandmother, but that’s what she told him he can call her. She comes, Nanny White comes back when something bad is going to happen. It’s like she’s trying to give a warning. When Aiden comes and says ‘I’m talking to Nanny White’ or ‘Nanny White is here to play again’ it’s like two, maybe three days later, something will happen.”

With so many strange happenings, Tatchell attempted to reach out for what help she could find.

“I tried getting a hold of – I can’t think of his name right now – Aaron the ghost hunter guy from Paranormal Activity. I’ve tried getting a hold of numerous paranormal people but no one seems to answer back. We’ve had priests and reverends, we had the Pentecostal priest come in and it works for a period of time and then it comes back. I got ordained online and it got really bad.”

Two of the children, Zakk and Aiden, have also reported seeing black elf-like creatures with red eyes, with each being unaware of the other’s story according to Tatchell.

“Aiden was talking about this red-eyed monster that stood about three feet tall. Then no time after that, I’d say two or three days later, Zakk started having bad dreams and he told us that there was something that was shaped like an elf at the foot of his bed that has red eyes and watches him sleep and makes noises. We had to get bibles and put them in their rooms.”

While nothing has worked to get rid of the paranormal presences in the home thus far, Tatchell did note that things did slow down for the last two weeks when she talked to Daniel about fully adopting Aiden. They also hope to move to a different home, but that could take some time. Meanwhile at least one of the ghosts is becoming welcome.

“Until then, we’re going to keep dealing with Charlie. I’m pretty sure that I’m so used to him that if we happened to move that I think I’d have to try and take him with me because I’m so used to him. If not, the house is going to seem so empty,” said Tatchell.

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