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When It’s All Over tour comes to Stephenville

Veterans of the provincial music scene Fergus O’Bryne and Jim Payne will return to stage of Arts and Culture Centres across the province this month. – Courtesy of Fergus O’Bryne

COLIN FARRELL Special to the Wreckhouse Weekly

STEPHENVILLE, NL – Long time veterans of the provincial music scene, Fergus O’Byrne and Jim Payne are once again taking to the stages of Arts and Culture Centres as the “When It’s All Over” tour makes its way across the province.

The pair will be joined on stage by Aaron Collis and Mark Manning of Rum Ragged for the tour, which will kick off in Gander on Sunday, June 20.

O’Byrne said that even though he has been playing some solo shows in St. John’s, he is looking forward to the tour.

“It is certainly interesting and exciting, just the fact that we can actually tour the province and get out and play, cause when you’re a musician that’s your livelihood and that’s what you want to be at,” he said.

The idea of the tour developed after the four musicians played a number of Christmas shows this past December at The Rooms and in Mount Pearl. O’Byrne said that after seeing how well the musicians gelled on stage he approached the Arts and Culture Centre to see if they would be interested in hosting the foursome.

The name of the tour takes its name from a song of the same title written by Jim Payne, which is featured in the show.

“… when this (tour) was coming about and it seemed like more and more people are getting vaccinated, and people are being allowed to spread their wings a little more around the province, he came up with this particular song and then when we were approached by the Arts and Culture Centre this was a good title to hang the tour on,” explained O’Byrne.

He added that the lyrics are about families reuniting, hugging loved ones, “…just doing things that people did before the pandemic within reason of course.”

O’Byrne said that for anyone looking to purchase the song, it is only available on the SingSong Inc. website.

“We’re not on Spotify. We’re not on iTunes and we’re not on Bandcamp. We’re not on any of the social media outlets… Spotify especially are renowned for not paying artists any residual at all. Well I think it is .00003 cents each time they spin….so SingSong Inc. decided a long time ago that ‘no we weren’t going that route’ and it would be sold through (the site) and most of the profits go back to the artist as they should.”

O’Byrne can see the appreciation during his shows, and he can see the appreciation audiences have for live performances.

“A common comment was that it’s just nice to be able to get out and hear live music, and see live music, not to be cloistered away from people,” he explained. “I was talking to the people at the Arts and Culture Centre and they’ve had people coming to see the orchestra, people who never ever under normal situations buy tickets to go see the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, but people have been coming out and enjoying the experience, so all in all its introducing people to new experiences and live music is helping to do that.”

Mark Manning and Aaron Collis of Rum Ragged with join O’Byrne and Jim Payne as they travel Arts and Culture Centres across the province. – Courtesy of Fergus O’Bryne

Tour Dates

Stephenville – June 21

Corner Brook – June 22

Grand Falls- Windsor – June 23

St. John’s – June 25

Goose Bay – June 26

Labrador West – June 27

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