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Wreckhouse Press shuts down the Weekly print edition newspaper

Two journalists hold 3 Atlantic Journalism Awards.
René J. Roy and Rosalyn Roy at the Atlantic Journalism Awards in May 2023.

Dear Readers,

After four years of navigating the challenging waters of print journalism, we at Wreckhouse Press have made the difficult decision to halt the print edition of our newspaper. The reality is that most news organizations continue to transition to online only, and due to ever-increasing print costs and far less demand for a print edition, we must follow suit.

The print industry, especially in niche markets, has become increasingly unsustainable without robust community backing and financial viability. Our experience has starkly highlighted these challenges, leading us to reconsider our distribution model and how we connect with our audience.

Only the newspaper's weekly Monday print edition is affected by today's announcement, and not our other services.

Transition to Digital

Effective immediately, Wreckhouse Weekly will transition to a digital-only format. This change allows us to shed the constraints and pressures of print production, focusing instead on our core strengths. Our online content will be available for free, albeit on a less regular schedule than the Monday print edition shedule, offering insights and stories when we have something valuable to share.

Continued Services

It's important to note that Wreckhouse Press is not stepping back from our creative endeavors or community engagement. Our print shop, graphic design services, and content creation services remain operational. We will continue to produce and support independent books, leveraging our 25 years of digital and graphic design experience to serve our clients and readers in new and innovative ways.

Looking Ahead

This shift is not just about ceasing one chapter but starting another, more flexible and sustainable one. Free from the daily grind of newspaper production, we're embracing the opportunity to explore new creative avenues and to deliver content that is both meaningful and impactful, on our own terms.

Thank you for your past support, and we invite you to join us in this next phase of our journey. Stay tuned for updates, stories, and insights from Wreckhouse Press—whenever they may come.


René J. Roy

Editor-in-Chief / The Wreckhouse Weekly

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